J3TA-US1329 SERE 100.2 Level A SERE Education and Training in Support of the Code of Conduct (FOUO) (4 hrs)

The Department of Defense has an obligation to train, equip, and protect its personnel, to prevent their capture and exploitation by its adversaries, and reduce the potential for personnel to be used as leverage against U.S. security objectives. This course will provide you with the relevant survival, evasion, resistance, and escape, or SERE, tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary to return with honor in any current and future adversarial environment, regardless of the circumstances of isolation. It will also help you to meet the specific requirements for theater entry, as identified by combatant commands, and build on force protection pre-deployment training. SERE 100.2 is based on CCMD required capabilities and is designed as one course with specific focused areas reflecting military and civilian responsibilities. Personnel should take the set of modules reflecting their status. The new course design and structure enables students to test-out for knowledge they may have from previous training and experiences. The course also provides a post-test to enrollees prior to receiving their certificate of completion. This course supersedes SERE 100.1.